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Far Western Graphics takes advantage of our 40 plus years of experience & services to handle your catalog/perfect bound bookwhether it is offset or digital printing that you need. Large or small runs books print is an excellent way to promote your business needs.
Top-quality offset and short-run digital printing, with multiple options in printing, bindery, paper for text and cover and sizes. If you need special mailing services, distribution services we can help.

Polyurethane Reactive (PUR)
is an adhesive used in book binding. It is the most durable and flexible book binding glue available. PUR adhesive is most commonly associated with softcover books that are bound with the Perfect Binding method.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) hot melt glue is design for short run perfect bound work and not as durable but more cost effective for short run work. Design for runs under 300 pieces.

Consistent image quality: Advances in plate and press technology allow images to be sharp and colors consistent throughout the run. FWG provides additional assurance of consistency and quality by maintaining Gracol G7 We can provide color and quality control from proof to print.

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*Quantities of 1 - 1,500 pieces

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More Facts on PUR Glue

1) Perfect Bound Books that are created for Children – Young children have a tendency to handle books very roughly. Fortunately, the flexibility of PUR adhesive prevents the spine from cracking when the book is opened wide or pressed down flat. Also, despite the tugging and twisting of small hands, the cover and pages remain securely fastened at the spine.

2) Perfect Bound Books that will see Frequent Use –
Because it is strong yet pliable, books bound with PUR adhesive are able to withstand the rigors of repeated opening and closing. Also, it is nearly impossible to pull a page out of a book bound with PUR adhesive.

3) Perfect Bound Books that will be Subject to Extreme Temperatures – Whether your books will be used in temperatures as low as -40º F or as high as 200º F, the PUR binding will remain strong, flexible and intact. No more fractured spines from the bitter cold or pages coming loose in the intense heat.

4) Perfect Bound Books that have Relatively Few Pages –
The recommended spine width for a traditional perfect bound book is around 1/4”, but with PUR binding the spine can be as narrow as 1/8”. This is because PUR adhesive does not need as much surface area to firmly secure the book’s pages.

5) Perfect Bound Books that have Glossy Pages – Unlike traditional perfect binding adhesives; PUR adheres extremely well to pages that have a smooth, glossy finish. This means the pages of your bound document can be finished with a gloss coating – such as a varnish, aqueous or UV coating. In addition, you can also use pages that have a protective film applied – such as a laminate or mylar.

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